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Desk Jockey Staying Healthy

As a professional that has to be confined to a desk all day, how can you empower your athlete with? Here are some valuable tips to incorporate into your daily life.

First to start, here are two great resources to reference for education and tips.

· Move in every aspect of your life, at home and work

· Set the alarm, every hour to perform some movement. 3-5 minutes in length.

· Lacrosse Ball under your legs, top of legs, between shoulder blades while at the desk.

· Light dumbbells at your desk for fitness snacking throughout the day.

· Park at the farthest spot away to get more walking throughout the day.

· Walking meetings are a great way to get movement and productivity.

· Seated Exercise throughout the day three times per work day minimum.

o Seated Cat and Cows

o Seated Twists

o Neck Ranges of Motion

o Shoulder Rolls

· Find an accountability buddy.

· Strategically plan your traveling to take your workouts with you.

· Posture

o Small side mirror to remind you of your posture at your desk.

o Sticky notes or calendar reminders to check your posture.

o Shoulder blade and back exercises in the gym to help with posture.

· Lack of Movement

o Mini-water breaks throughout the day.

o 10,000 steps per day.

o The Trifecta Desk Exercises

§ Desk Push-Up

§ Body Squats

§ 10 Shoulder Blade Contractions

· Stress Management

o Mindfulness at your desk by closing eyes, sitting in good posture and slow deep breathing a few times per day. All technology off for the moment.

§ Improves mood, productivity and stress management

o Abdominal breathing instead of chest breathing.

· Chair Yoga

o Done by anyone, anytime, anywhere with no restrictions

o Yoga is done on the mat adapted to the chair

o Inhalation and exhalation will destress the body and mind

· 2 Chair Yoga Poses

o Cat and Cow in the chair

o Arm Stretches and Circles and shaking it out

· Deep breathing can be performed while driving to and from work too.

· Type in “Chair Yoga” on YouTube for good options

· Hydration is key throughout your day. Infused water with mint leaves, cucumber or fruit. Let it infuse overnightand then bring it to work and have at your desk.

Are you a Desk Jockey?

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